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Yomizmo is a tech startup operating in the United States. It also has a sister branch in Essex, United Kingdom. Our company has been in existence for just a little under a decade. However for a relatively small company, we have financial figures that can rival companies that have been in existence for decades.

Our board of executives boasts of widely recognized faces in the tech world like Mr. Edward Norton, Mr. Thomasville Breacher and the woman widely recognized as being responsible for the possibility of micro storage device, Miss Ennifer Lung. You can follow our company's twitter account for regular updates on company operations and for news on ew developments. We also operate a forum for tech enthusiasts.


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/ Start-ups

Start-up businesses often fail, this is the unglamorous truth that puts off a lot of people off starting their own business. I've never started my own business so I have zero experience in this, but I have read books which I suppose are the next best thing!

/ The Four Steps to the Epiphany

Time and time again I hear and read how much people value this book. The guy who first told me to read it actually described this as his 'bible', I'm not religious but I wouldn't go that far,



I have read countless marketing books during and after my time at the University of Lincoln studying my BA(Hons) in Marketing but here are a couple of the best.

Marketing Myopia – Levitt

At only 25 pages, taken from the Harvard Business Review where it was originally an article, this is a shorter read than most but this is definitely the case of quality

Ries& Trout

I've met people who look at this book as a bible, positioning is a fundamental piece of a marketing strategy of a business and is also one of the most banded around

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