Linksys Wireless Routers for Online Streaming

It is useless asking how you connect to the internet. Obviously it is through the wifi router. The problem lies elsewhere. Most of the time you experience a low speed. You suffer from lag and buffering. What to do now? Throw away the router? Definitely not! Well, there are ample ways in which wireless routers can be made to work correctly. Actually, the fact lies in how you set up the router. In the days of surfing, streaming, gaming, and more, your Wi-Fi router is the single most important. The 10 Best Routers For 4K Streaming Movies. People don't always think about having the best router to stream 4K movies, but they should.

Here are some tips on getting a wireless router to make it function properly:

Placing the router is fundamental

If you want to get the strongest the signal, maximum performances, and a wide coverage area. Keep the device away from the walls or any obstruction. Further, do not keep routers in any enclosed area.

Minimalize the distance between the router and the wireless device

Too much gap between your router and computer or laptop can be a major issue. If you live in a larger house, your router’s signal may not reach to each and every corner of your house. To avoid such a condition, you can add a wireless range extender.

Upgrade device to the latest wifi technologies

When you are into streaming videos, the speed of your router may be a bit affected. If you are experiencing such a condition and your router is connected to the A, B, G, and N networks, you need to update it. Upgrading the device may bring a huge impact in the whole connection.

Pay heed to your internet package

If you use a same modem for quite a long time, know that it is time to upgrade the device. If you are into regular gaming or video streaming, make sure that you keep your device updated. Remember, your router’s speed is entirely dependent on the modem.

Ensure there is no interference

Your neighbor’s wifi connection, cordless phone connection, microwaves, and small monitors can work as a hindrance to your wifi router. Either you can remove your router from that part of your house to somewhere else, or change the channel.

Separate bandwidth hogging applications

Video streaming and gaming can use a lot of bandwidth, which is why your wireless router’s speed gets lowered down. Use the smart-wifi to get rid of these obstructions.

Upgrade your firmware

Most of the time, an outdated firmware is the cause of poor router performance. So, whenever you get notifications for updates, you better do it. Otherwise your device and internet connection will suffer. Upgrading firmware is as easy as updating the apps on your android device.

Bump your wireless security

If you find anyone stealing your wifi connection, you will notice that there is a sudden drop n speed. Even if you have set a password, you will never get relieved from the hackers. Use the following security modes for a tight security – WEP, WPA, or WPA 2. These attachments will keep your connections private.


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